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vibrant Rajasthan

Do not get carried away by the title because Rajasthan has much more to it than what meets the eye. Without one shadow of a doubt, it is one of the most vivacious and vibrant states in India. Not only does it boast of a rich cultural heritage that is preserved in pockets till date, but it is also the home to many magnificent palaces, sumptuous and lip smacking food and most importantly, it is a popular shopping hub for traditional clothes, jewellery and artifacts! Let us take a sneak peek into the beauty and richness that thrives in every nook and corner of Rajasthan. Rajasthan has always attracted tourists because of the grand hospitality that runs down its history along with some spectacular sites. There is something for everyone here.

In fact, Rajasthan has lately emerged as the most sought after site for destination weddings. Not only Indians, but couples from overseas as well are choosing Rajasthan to take their vows. Much credit needs to be given to Bollywood, which is the linchpin when it comes to recreating the magical Rajasthan on celluloid and taking it across countries. Here we have listed a multitude of places that are a must visit if you are planning to have a piece of Rajasthan anytime soon. There is just so much to discover, travel and unleash in Rajasthan that, no matter how much time you spend there, you can never have enough of the place!


This colourful land is an assortment of massive forts, stunning palaces, diverse cultures, delectable cuisines and warm people, set amidst a rugged yet inviting landscape.

In Rajasthan you will find every hue in Nature’s grand palette – the red sands, the blue of royalty, the pink cities or the amber sunsets. Surrender yourself to the sounds of trinkets or the sounds of the all conquering wind. Sight and sounds that will transport you into a folk lore.

Music, art and dance is woven into every inch of this land I call paradise. You will find it carved in every grain of sand. Here you will find the past, the present and the future. You will find passion. You will find adventure. And you will find yourself.

Rajasthan, the Land of Kings is synonymous to heroism, royalty and honour. Historic tales of battles fought and romance of the riches adorn the walls of the state. Established in the era marked with wartime ballads yet living in the modern period, this beautiful region is a traveller’s destination. For wanderers interested in adventures at the various landscapes should definitely get a glimpse of this venture some state. And for the ones who plan to have a quiet sojourn gazing at the beauty of the golden sand dunes, Rajasthan tops your list. Explore the miscellany of the old and the new in Rajasthan, a glittering jewel of India.


A collection of several princely states of Rajasthan.
The land of Rajasthan has witnessed the rule of many great kings and rulers. Home to many different leaders, Rajasthan has witnessed the opulence of the Rajputs, the chivalry of the Mughals, and the extravaganza lifestyle of Jat rulers.

One can see the traces of human settlement in Rajasthan since the days of the Indus Valley Civilization. Due to its geographical location, Rajasthan had captured the interest of many republics like Arjunyas, Kushans, Malavas, Saka Satraps and Yaudheyas.

During the 9th century, the Rajput clan came to power in Rajasthan. Unparalleled bravery and merits of the Rajputs played a really important role in the history of Rajasthan. Rajput warriors used to fight against all the odds, lived with honor and whenever the situation demanded they sacrificed their lives for the pride of the empire.

In 1707 Bharatpur city was further developed by a Jat conqueror. By 1803 Maratha conquered some parts of Rajasthan and was led by Peshwa Baji Rao I of Pune. Most of the Rajputs passed under the control of the Maratha Empire and continued to pay tribute to Pune. This kept on happening till the British East India Company replaced the Marathas as preeminent rulers.


When one speaks of rich culture in India, Rajasthan is what comes to our minds. Proving it true for several years now, Rajasthan depicts each nuance of its authentic civilization in its artwork. Stone, clay, leather, wool, wood, lac, glass, brass, silver, gold and textiles. You name it and the Rajasthani craft industry has it.

Born and cultivated in the erstwhile royal courts of Rajasthan, the state is known to be the birthplace of various music and art forms. The site of dancers adorned in colourful attires moving to the melodious sounds of the traditional string instruments perfectly complements the backdrop of the golden sands and the crimson sky of the Thar Desert. Rajasthan is where the ancestral folklore stories of the royals come alive. Rajasthan’s rhythm and resonance in its rustic form truly reflects the glory of the state.

Every city in Rajasthan is marked with a colour and each of these colourful regions are bordered by amazing architectural structure. May it be the pink hues of Jaipur, royal blues of Jodhpur or the golden glow of Jaisalmer, the framework of every city is adorned with ancient architecture.

The state witnessed prolonged rule of the Mughals and Hindus. Thus explaining the intricate and significant carvings. The forts, temples, palaces, havelis and stepwells all speak of the Rajputana culture. Rajasthan is nothing but a visual treat to travelers.

It is believed that the dialect, cuisine, water and turban in Rajasthan changes every 12 miles. Marwari in western Rajasthan, Jaipuri or Dhundhari in the east and southeast, Mewati in Alwar, Braj Bhasa in Bharatpur, Mewari in Udaipur and the list goes on. Thus, explaining the varied cultures and creeds found in this independent yet steadily progressing state.

Come modern day urbanization, the people in Rajasthan have still held on their roots out of choice. Their hospitality and simplistic behavior is what you’re most likely to lose your heart to in Rajasthan.

There is never an end to lip smacking finger licking food in Rajasthan. The delicacies reflect the Rajputana culture in the purest forms. Just like the dialect, the cuisine in Rajasthan also differs every few miles. However, the most renowned dishes still are the Dal-bati-churma, lal and safed maans, soyeta and lasun-ki-chutney that accomplish at savouring your palate.

In the earlier days, due to the war situations and lack of vegetation in Rajasthan, womenfolk would prepare dishes that could be preserved over a long period of time. But considering the modernization in the country, fruits and vegetables from all over the world are easily available in the state. One can also find international food outlets in the major cities.