Fair and Festivals

Festivals of Rajasthan are full of life, they promote diversity, they bring neighbours into dialogue, they increase creativity, they offer opportunities for civic pride, and they improve our general psychological well-being. In short, they make cities better places to live.

Pushkar Fair

Time of Festival: 28 Oct – 4 Nov
The Pushkar Fair (Pushkar Camel Fair) or Pushkar Mela, as it is locally known as, is an annual weeklong camel and livestock fair held in the town of Pushkar between the months of October and November. It is one of the world’s largest camel Fair.


Time of Festival: 02 Nov-04 Nov
The Kolayat Fair of Bikaner holds great importance for the locals who eagerly await it. Tourists also experience a great time as the fair is celebrated. Also known as ‘Kapil Muni Fair’, it is held in the month of November.


Time of Festival: 16 Dec-17 Dec
Pushkar town is a major tourist attraction for Rajasthan, and what better way to accentuate this mystical town than a sacred music festival. The Bhakti Festival is a religious music celebration of traditional music and hymns performed


Festival dedicated to the ship of the desert
Time of Festival: 13 Jan – 14 Jan
Bikaner Camel Festival is an annual festival dedicated to the ship of the desert. Organised in the month of January, the celebrations include camel races, camel milking, fur cutting design, best breed competition.


Time of Festival: 14 Jan
The Kite Festival is a bright celebration unique to Rajasthan. This festival is a wonderful spectacle as kites take to the sky all across the state. While one can enjoy colourful kites in a variety of shapes and sizes, the celebration

If you happen to visit the royal state during Makar Sankranti, i.e. 14th January, then this is an exciting thing to do in Rajasthan. Thousands of colorful kites soar in the sky during this annual Kite Festival in most part of Rajasthan.


2nd largest cattle feast in India
Time of Festival: 22 Jan – 25 Jan
The Nagaur Fair is the second biggest fair in India. Held every year between the months of January and February, it is popularly known as the Cattle Fair of Nagaur as this is where owners gather to trade animals.


Time of Festival: 29 Jan-31 Jan
Once a year, the empty sands around Jaisalmer come alive with a mesmerising performance on the sand dunes in the form of the Desert Festival.


Time of Festival: 25 Feb-26 Feb
The Braj festival in Rajasthan is held every year for two days in the Shukla Paksha of the Phalgun month, a few days prior to Holi. This festival is dedicated to Lord Krishna


Time of Festival: 02 Mar
Dhulandi Festival (Festival of Colours) is celebrated all over India a day after Holika Dahan and marks the beginning of spring. On this day, young and old alike play with colours and water


Time of Festival: 18 Mar -19 Mar
Gangaur is one of the most important festivals in Rajasthan. In some form or the other, it is celebrated all over Rajasthan. “Gan” is a synonym for Lord Shiva & “Gauri” or “Gaur” stands for Goddess Parvati, the heavenly consort of Lord.